If the debt problem you faced then one option for you to sort out this matter is to file a bankruptcy. Our bankruptcy lawyer San Antonio can stop car repossession, lawsuits and home foreclosure for you.

Are you aware with the concept of bankruptcy?

If you are looking to file for bankruptcy, then you can contact our bankruptcy lawyer San Antonio to help you answer your queries. Most of the people looking into bankruptcy, they are probably doing it as a last resort. A very common misconception which people have regarding those filing bankruptcy is that they are financially troubled and are facing problems because they spent their money irresponsibly and lived a lavish life.

But when we look at different cases and consult some bankruptcy attorneys throughout the country we come to know that this is not the main reason for this. Most of our customers are experiencing financial troubles due to circumstances that are out of their control. Most of our clients have overwhelming medical debt from an injury or a fatal disease and they cannot just come out of it. While some of them were terminated from their jobs during the economic downturn.

Do you have difficulties to overcome financial troubles?

We have seen that military families often to go through extreme financial strain during the times of military service. Our bankruptcy lawyer San Antonio know that it is very difficult to overcome such financial troubles. We help our customers overcome these obstacles so that they can also move on to a brighter future. Although the bankruptcy laws have existed for a long time in San Antonio, but many changes have been brought to them in all these years. But one thing that has remained constant throughout these laws is that you are secured under the bankruptcy laws and you do not need to spend all your life in debt.


                Cost is a very important factor when you are looking into bankruptcy. The fees that we charge from our clients is comparable to all other law firms in the area and our payment plans are very affordable as well. You can further get to know about our attorney fees and court costs of bankruptcy when you contact at our office. You can consult the lawyers for free and during this consultation, the lawyer will go over the details of your case. He will also let you know what it will cost you to file a bankruptcy case, which will include the attorney fees and total court cost.

Some of the law agencies in the area offer flat rate fee for filing bankruptcy. This is where they are misleading their clients. You must ask those law agencies whether they are including attorney fees and court cost when they offer you flat rate fee for bankruptcy. You should also ask these law firms, what happens if your bankruptcy case turns out to be more complex as compared to standard bankruptcy cases.