Get rid of your drain clogging problems from our outstanding Plumbing services

Are you experiencing a clog or a bad odor from your drain? Is it really making you to feel annoyed? Then Plumbing leak repair San Antonio is the right choice to be with. We are the best and outstanding service providers for all types of Plumbing issues. We are meant to clean and clear your clogged drain and make it to proper functioning mode. The prime thing to do is to make the bad smell go off followed by the removal of accumulates in your drain. We offer our plumbing services at reasonable prices. Here are few tips on the usual things that make our drain block and create you a problem. These tips help you to get rid of your drain blockage issues.

If you understand and now what to put inside the sink and what not, it’s would be easy to maintain your drain in flowing condition. All common type of drain damages can be avoided. Especially, one should take care of few household things that regularly causes block. So, while giving a flush, avoid these agents to get into your drain.

  1. Avoid scraping grease in the drain
  2. Avoid putting food wastes and scrapes down the drain
  3. Avoid Hair entering the sink or drain
  4. Avoid coffee grounds pouring into the sink

  1. Avoid scraping grease in the drain: Even if you are being tempted due to any urgency, never dispose your cooking grease and other oils into the sinks. Remember if the fluid forms may harden in to solid forms, stick the surfaces and creates problem to you in future. It may disappear for the time being, but it will come back to haunt you and we can surely say that. Thus, don’t encourage pouring grease down the sinks.


  1. Avoid putting food wastes and scrapes down the drain: The most remembering and major part of cause for sink blocks is the dumping of old scraps of food down your pipes. Just avoid doing this. It might be starch having, it might be pasta or it might be potato stuff. Definitely with these foods you will enjoy your lunch or dinner, but do remember most of the rice or pasta contains starch which has the property of expanding in water. So, please drain the scrap and the complete leftover – throw it in your dustbins.


  1. Avoid Hair entering the sink or drain: Continuous flow of hair into the drains will form a thick mesh kind of structures and clogs your sinks. We use to clear the blocked sinks using the amalgamations of baking soda and vinegar in hand and by throwing it into the drain to clear your clogged drain. It is always suggestible to use a drain strainer.


  1. Avoid coffee grounds pouring into the sink: Almost each and everyone love to have coffee. But your drain will not love your coffee grounds. They will settle inside the pipes, harden and will cause a blockage leaving you a messy issue. Do remember to throw your coffee grounds into the trash bin but not into the sinks.